Savannah, Georgia & The Georgia Queen River Boat

Savannah, Georgia & The Georgia Queen River Boat

While traveling the US I stopped in Savannah, Georgia. What was going to be just a few days turned into a few weeks! I loved exploring this old city and the wildlife parks that surrounded it. 

While walking the famous river street I came across the Georgia Queen River Boat. I immediately knew I needed to make a piece of art with this boat being the main feature. 

The Savannah Riverboat Cruises was established in Savannah, Georgia in 1991 under the direction of experienced Captain, Jonathan H. Claughton.  Savannah’s antebellum charm, with flowing Spanish moss hanging from stoic live oaks and welcoming shady squares, hearkens back to the days when paddle driven riverboats full of tourists and locals dotted the Savannah River.



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